8 Bogus Diet Myths Most People Believe

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When it comes to the diet, it’s nothing but half-truths and purposeful misinformation. Whether to keep diet companies in business or simply watered down facts passed on for years, all of this has led to a culture that is afraid of fat but in love with starvation. Before you fail your next diet, learn about the lies you’ve been fed.

Fat is bad

Fact: Fat is good. You need fat to live. It is involved in healthy cells and keeps your hormones balanced. The actual truth is that everything should be enjoyed in moderation, not eliminated completely.

No matter how little or healthy I eat, I can’t lose weight.

Fact: You are lying to yourself. That being said, there are a select few that suffer from thyroid disease as pointed out by the Chicago Weight Loss Clinic. Even so, this is usually paired with other symptoms, such as depression, dry skin and fatigue.

Low fat foods are healthy.

Fact: This is false. Period. In order to drop the fat entirely while still keeping the food tasting good, companies add sugar or unnatural sweeteners making the food more unhealthy than if the fat had stayed.

Skinny people are healthy.

Fact: Skinny individuals can be just as unhealthy as overweight ones. No matter your body type, you need to exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet in order to keep your insides running at peak efficiency.

Eat lots of small meals through the day to up the metabolism.

Fact: What, when and how much you eat has no effect on your metabolism. All your body cares about is getting enough macro and micronutrients each day, whether it comes in the morning or evening.

Egg yolks are high in cholesterol.

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Fact: The nutrients in eggs are found in the yolk, not the whites. Aside from not causing any change whatsoever in cholesterol levels, whole eggs are one of the healthiest foods ever.

Miracle foods always work.

Fact: Apart from providing you with a new flavor and some different nutrients, the new superfood will not solve your dieting woes.

Starbucks dessert coffees are healthy.

Fact: Coffee is healthy, not coffee loaded with cream, sugar and syrup flavor. If you want the antioxidant benefits of coffee, stick to unsweetened lattes.

Don’t let dieting lies ruin your health plans any longer. Get informed by reading up on the fact and the fiction. By spending time learning to tell the truths from the half-truths, you’ll end up saving yourself a lot of wasted time and a lot of wasted money.

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