Elements of a Perfect Red Wine Label

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There’s no such beautiful and exhilarating feeling rather than sitting in your couch, watching your favorite sports or TV program, and drinking your most favorite glass of wine. This is a dream come true for every one of us especially when we came from very long and stressful working days. Sipping that glass of wine as a means of relaxation provides an optimum feeling of contentment not only for hard workers but for everyone.

Red wines play an essential because human as we are, we tend to drink alcohol on a daily basis to destress ourselves. It gives us energy especially when we feel tired and has to overcome a lot of problems. In fact, the majority of us picks the most delicious flavor of red wine to make sure that we attain full satisfaction every time we drink it.

While this may be true, choosing a bottle of beautiful red wine is sometimes difficult. If you find yourself inside a winery store, you might get overwhelmed with hundreds of red wine label choices. You might get confused as to what bottle you should buy, what label, where should it came from, and most especially you became conscious with the price.

Actually, in picking a bottle of red wine that best suits for you, all you need to do is to do your research first before you head on to a winery store. You have to understand every component that a perfect wine must possess. On the other hand, if you have a limited time understanding what a beautiful wine looks like, here are the following quick elements you can consider in picking your perfect red wine label.


Red wines have different acidity content. In all given vineyard, each is making sure that the acidity of the wine is the number one factor they consider when they produce fine wine labels. This is the main basis of every wine taster how excellent a red wine can look like. In fact, most vineyards are setting the right amount of time, temperature, and weather when they age their wine to make sure they get the right acidity and flavor.

The acidity of red wine is first identified in grapes. It means that when the grape ripens the sugar content becomes higher and the acidity decreases. This is the reason why every vineyard is setting the right timing and season when to harvest and pick each grape. The following are also additional reasons why acidity is important in selecting a perfect bottle of wine.

The acidity balances the sweetness and alcohol content of the wine. It also adds a refreshing taste and crisp to the wine. It lets your mouth pucker. Red wines undergo fermentation and acidity is the main ingredient of bringing a truly delightful taste to each bottle of red wine.


The sweetness of the red wine comes from its sugar content. The sugar is naturally extracted from the grapes during the process of crushing. The sugar content is usually converted into alcohol when fermenting and what remains is called the residual sugar.

That said, when a bottle of red wine contains high residual sugar, that means that it tastes sweeter, fuller body, and a purer mouthfeel. Aside from that, when a variety of grape is grown in a warm climate, it tends to produce more sugar and sweetness. Take note that wines that do not contain any sweetness are the ones called “dry wines”.


It is a compound which should be naturally found in red wines. They are called phenols and they are normally extracted from seeds and grape skins. A perfect bottle of red wine should come either in a medium or full-bodied tannin content. Besides, the tannin is an essential compound needed when it comes to wine aging.

The higher the tannin content, the longer the wine is aged. It is important that tannin is strong in red wine because they are the ones who regulate the taste and provides a full taste of satisfaction to all wine tasters. It is also the basin of every consumer when they purchase a bottle of red wine.


The alcohol content of red wine is often produced when fermentation is done. It occurs when the grape and its natural sugar gets in contact with yeast. The yeast in a component added to the juice extract by the time it is aged to get the perfect alcoholic sensation. This is where red wines with higher alcohol mean they are richer and full-bodied.

Moreover, the alcohol content in every red wine generally comes as sweet. That’s why every time you sip a glass of red wine, you can feel that burning sensation at the same time you can smell its aroma. When you pick a bottle of red wine that has a high alcohol content, that means that each grape was harvested and picked at its ripest state.

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