Five Reasons Food Doesn’t Need Upgrades


The latest tech upgrade and the newest innovations. These are exciting developments, and in many cases, they can help us lead simpler lives. For every gadget that improves your life, though, you know there’s one that makes it worse. When you’re raising a family and looking for products that fit your lifestyle, you have to be careful about what you bring home. Evolution doesn’t necessarily mean improvement when it comes to some things. Sometimes it’s better to trust the basics. Older models may not be fancy, but they’re often more reliable. This is certainly true of food. As technology continues to advance, it has reached to food production and brought many questionable phenomena with it. The food you see on grocery store shelves today is a vast departure from what was sold several decades ago. For the sake of your family, you should understand some of the supposed upgrades our food has endured.

There’s More Sugar Than Ever

Parents know all too well what effect sugar has on kids. There’s a reason you don’t let them eat candy, donuts, and ice cream all day, and contrary to what they may think, it isn’t because you’re mean. Sugar has been linked to a myriad of ailments, including diabetes and hypertension, and people are consuming high-sugar foods in record amounts. Progress has improved many aspects of our lives, so why is food seemingly of a lower quality than it was decades ago? The evolution of food to its current sugar-saturated state has not done anybody any favors.

Food Allergies Are On the Rise

If you think the steadily rising presence of sugar in food is troubling, the incidence of food allergies in children is even worse. Statistics show that more kids are developing allergies to materials such as gluten and dairy. Many critics have hypothesized that the simultaneous spike in food additives and allergies is not coincidental, but it doesn’t take an expert to make such an observation. Despite improvements made in farming technology, distribution, and other aspects of the food industry, the formulation of the food we eat has taken some very problematic steps forward.

Processed Foods Offer Minimal Nutrition

Clean and simple foods provide your body with the nourishment it needs. Hampton Creek, a startup based in San Francisco, recently made an impact by announcing the expansion of their natural food line made from real and simple ingredients. Processed foods, on the other hand, contain additives and GMOs that provide you with no nourishment and can even be harmful. Because so much of their contents are artificial, you’re unlikely to get much of the vitamins, protein, or fiber you need from your food. You will, however, get empty calories and some questionable ingredients.

Eat Simple With Clean Food

As if there weren’t enough evidence already, perhaps the greatest testament to the power of clean eating is the transformative potential it holds for you and your family. While technological advancements have ruined much of our food, a clean diet is still attainable. Hampton Creek, for example, makes products that contain real ingredients and a take a straightforward approach to making food. Switching to clean eating can completely change your family’s lives. Don’t settle for foods with an ingredients list you can’t pronounce. Eat real food that offers nutrients and nourishment.

You Family Deserves the Best

Progress has simplified so many aspects of our lives and made us safer, healthier, and happier through simple innovations. It’s an amazing thing to see technology make positive changes in our lives. It’s equally disappointing, however, to observe the way technology has perverted our food. With an abundance of overly processed and unhealthy food available, it may seem like clean food is a scarcity. Seeking it out is worth it, however, and is one of the best investments you can make for your family. When it comes to cool new innovations, stick to the latest games and computers. Although cutting out unhealthy foods can be difficult, it’s a worthwhile investment in your family’s long-term health. They deserve the best, and kids can benefit massively from a diet that’s free from harmful additives and other irritants. Bring true evolution to your diet by simplifying it and returning to the foods that can truly nourish. Doing so is the best way to foster lifelong health and avoid the consequences of today’s overly processed foods.

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