Snack Time at the Office: What Quick-Eats Should You Be Eating?


Eating right at the office can be tough, especially when a snack attack strikes. Really, who wants to pass on a chocolate bar, bag of chips, or whatever other yummy treat is hanging out in the break room on any given day? That’s right. No one wants to pass up tasty treats; however, most of those options will leave you ill-satisfied and hankering for more in just a few minutes after you finish chowing down on them. So, how are you supposed to snack at the office when time and taste are at a premium? Check out these quick, easy, and healthy snack options to make office snack time a breeze and stay on track with your at least semi-healthy eating goals.

Ideally office snacks should be roughly around 200 calories or less. Additionally, choosing a snack that is an ideal balance of protein, nutrients, and fat will keep you full longer and help you focus better. Skip the sickeningly sweet cookies, muffins, and candies as well as the calorie-laden chips, crackers, and snack mixes and opt for these choices instead.

String Cheese

Prepackaged and perfectly balanced, string cheese is a great snack option. It is high in protein and offers just a bit of fat all for right around 80 calories. You can’t go wrong by picking string cheese for a snack, especially when you opt for an organic brand.


Another great dairy option, yogurt is a fast easy and delicious snack midmorning or midafternoon. This option again is a fine balance of protein and fat with relatively low calories, just be sure to avoid highly sugary options.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Want to really “up the ante” on your protein? Then, snack on a hardboiled egg. This snack packs around 70 calories with five to six grams of protein per serving. You’ll feel satisfied and enjoy a bit of nature’s goodness. Make several eggs at the beginning of the week and pop them in your lunch each day or just keep them in the fridge at work, so you always have a healthy snack on hand.

Fresh Fruit

Fruit is another great snack option at the office. Opt for varieties that you can prepare ahead of time, like berries or apples. Simply wash the fruit and keep it in the fridge so it stays fresher longer. Boost your protein intake on this snack by adding a little nut butter to the mix, such as dipping your apple slices in peanut butter or almond butter.


Nuts are another powerful office snack option, just be selective on the variety you choose. Almonds are among the best nut options delivering roughly 184 calories per serving. Almonds are also high in omega-9 fatty acid, so they’re great for your heart. Be careful with your portion sizes when it comes to nuts, though, as it is easy to overeat with this treat.

Snack Bars

Snack bars or granola bars are another easy office snack; however, not all granola bars deliver the same nutritional benefits. When choosing a snack bar, be sure to read the nutrition label and go easy on the calories and fat. Also look for one that is high in protein and low in sugar and carbohydrates. Larabars and Atkins snack bars are two good options

Make Snack Time Even Easier

Having healthy snacks on hand at the office does take a little preplanning and extra thought that you just sometimes don’t have time for. So, what can you do instead? Today, most vending machines and vendors offer some healthy alternatives, like yogurt, protein bars, fresh fruit, and more. Why not put in a request to explore healthy vending options or make the possibility a reality if you are one of the decision makers in your company?

Office snacks don’t have to wreck your healthy eating efforts. Prepare some of these quick, healthy snack options ahead of time, or visit a vending machine with healthy alternatives on your next snack break. You may even want to see if your employer can use an office snack delivery service to stock up on healthy options.

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