It’s Time To Create The Fondant Design By Yourself

Fondant Cake

The use of fondant is an excellent way to cover cakes and put a nice and smooth professional look. A lot of people still think is that fondant is used for covering the cake only and this is not true because fondant is used for decoration purpose also.

If you don’t have time to make your own fondant cake, it will be always better to go for online cake delivery.

Make flowers with fondant

If you are really looking for a great way to dress up your cake, you can easily do it by making flowers and cutouts with the help of fondant. Decorating a cake with fondant made flowers or other designs is definitely a great idea. Decorating a fondant cake with flowers looks awesome and it is one of the most popular ideas for decorating a cake also. Now you might be wondering to know how to decorate a cake with a fondant. Well, the entire idea is very simple. The key to making flowers with fondant is to allow proper time to let the flower dry before adding to the cake. You need to make the flowers well in advance- you should make it at least one week before you need them. When it comes to shaping the cake, you should let them sit in or on the form for at least one complete day. It is always better to use a flat shape instead of 3D shape. Now you might be wondering to know the reason behind it. Well, fondant doesn’t get dried fast and creating a 3D shape with fondant could be a risky venture.

Designer fondant cakes take longer time due to its thickness and the shortenings in it. You must make the decoration ahead of time and store them properly until it is ready to use. Making the fondant flowers at the last minute would not be a great idea as it will not hold the right shape that you want to achieve.

Now you should know how to add the flower fondant to the cake

When you go for adding the flowers to the cake, you should brush the back of the fondant with enough water to make it damp so that you can easily place it on the cake. This is a great idea to apply the fondant decoration to the fondant.

Color is another crucial thing when you are making a beautiful designed fondant cake. Most of the people struggle with achieving the desired color after mixing and if you are also experiencing the same problem, it is always advisable to use color mixing spray. You should definitely avoid using any kind of brush when you are coloring the fondant because it will make the fondant sticky and it will take a long time to dry. Before coloring the entire cake, you should try the color on a spare piece of the fondant to know exactly what color you are getting.

You can also add flavor to the cake and be using vanilla or almonds could be the best idea of the flavor.

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