Top 5 Drinks You’ll Be Gasping for in 2018

Cocktail Drink

The end is nigh. Over 3.1 million people from Britain, according to a YouGov survey, took the plunge to see if they could abstain from drinking alcohol over the course of January. With February just a few short sleeps away, it will be interesting to see what percentage walked away completely T-total for the duration of those 31 days. Whilst there is a high of 72% participants reducing their alcohol intake in the following 6 months, there are still some drinks we think you’d love to toast to your January success.

1. Rum Cocktails

According to Forbes we might be swapping out our G & Ts for more rum inspired cocktails. Although gin soared in popularity throughout 2017 with the likes of pink gin and other already pre-flavoured bottles being churned out by distilleries, the rise of Daiquiris could be our cocktail of choice this year.

2. Infusions

For those continuing their health kick but still looking to enjoy an alcoholic beverage here and there, try cocktails infused with natural ingredients. Just like mint that always manages to get struck in your straw whilst slurping a mojito, try ginger and other herbs and spices to give your choice of spirit that extra flavour. Using PromoCodesFor, you can complete your online food shop and select from fresh options to long shelf life products.

3. Texture

If mixed textures in your food and drink makes you shudder, this one probably isn’t for you. However, 2018 is set to be all about textures. Take orange juice with pulp and add it to your vodka for a Screwdriver with a tangy difference. Frozen berries don’t just have to be for your morning smoothie. They make a tasty and aesthetically pleasing addition to your bubbles of prosecco, champagne or sparkling wine. Be classy and experiment to find infused flavours you love.

4. Boxed Wines

Shoppers are becoming increasingly savvier when spending their hard-earned money. In 2015 with 1 in 5 litres of wine being sold boxed, it seems the US is just as keen on it as the UK. Although not always the best of the best, boxed wines offers bigger quantities for the value of money and is ideal for when you’re throwing a party.

5. Non-Alcoholic Choices

42% of wine consumption is down to millennials in the US, causing the plummeting of beer sales. Meanwhile in the UK, 25% of young adults choose not to drink alcohol at all. With huge popularity in opting for more healthy lifestyles, this is hardly surprising. In terms of the sales of plant-based products, Veganism is up by 1500%. If you’re looking for a healthier non-alcoholic option, non-alcoholic wines, beers and ciders are all available in grocery stores. Shop the likes of Kopparberg’s fruity cider and supermarket own-brand low percentage wines.

Have we got you thirsty for your next drink? Be ready to Instagram these drinks and be the first of your friends to discover the tastes of 2018. From cocktails drowning in spirits to texture and low unit selections, have a sip and find out which will be your poison of choice.

Alice Marshall is a travel writer advising on the best tips and tricks to save money at airports and around the globe. She enjoys sunny climates and beaches holidays with dreams of the high life. Her favourite holiday was in 2011 when she toured Thailand for 4 weeks.

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