Some of the Delicious High Protein Foods to Eat

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Considering a large number of health advantages related to high protein intake, it can be easily concluded that protein-rich foods are something that you just can’t miss in your diet. Being the building block of muscle tissues, proteins are responsible for improved body metabolism, better weight loss as well as elevated mood. Proteins are basically the chains of amino acids which repair the muscle tissues, thus ensuring proper muscle growth.

At the same time, high protein intake helps to reduce the levels of hormones responsible for appetite, thus making you feel less likely to stuff your belly with more food and supporting the weight loss process as a result. This is the reason why almost every weight loss diet focuses on a high protein intake. You can visit to have a detailed look at some of the protein powders that can help you lose weight effectively. This article focuses on covering some of the delicious foods which are rich in protein content and can be very beneficial for your health.

1. Eggs

Eggs are known for their high nutritional value along with easy availability and inexpensiveness. They are rich in vital vitamins, minerals, antioxidants as well as other essential nutrients required by the body. One large sized egg contains as much as 6 grams of proteins along with having around 78 grams of calories in it. Egg whites are almost pure proteins in nature. Another best thing about eggs is that they can be consumed in a number of ways and can be added to a large number of delicious dishes providing them additional flavor.

2. Almonds

Nuts are known to have a high protein content and almonds are particularly known for their rich nutritional value. You can get them roasted and add salt to prepare a delicious snack or can also soak them in water and munch them in the morning. Apart from being popular for their ability to improve brain functioning, it is to be noted that 13% of these tree nuts’ calorie count is accountable for protein.

3. Chicken breast

Chicken breasts are undoubtedly one of the most delicious as well as popular protein-rich foods. When eaten without the skin, they account for as much as 80% protein content resulting in around 53 grams from one roasted chicken breast. Another best thing about them is the ease to cook which makes them one of the favorite choices of those who opt for protein-rich foods.

4. Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is quite popular for its low-fat content and calorie count along with being delicious in taste. At the same time, it is known to be rich in other vital nutrients like Vitamin B12, B2, Phosphorus, Calcium, and Selenium. Protein content in cottage cheese is as high as 59% by calorie.

5. Greek yogurt

If you’ve ever tasted Greek yogurt, you wouldn’t have forgotten the taste as it is extremely delicious in nature. It is also known by the name of strained yogurt and is quite thick in nature. It has around 48% of calories present in the form of proteins along with the overall calorie count being significantly low.

6. Peanuts

Peanuts are also popular for their rich nutritional content along with being extremely delicious in nature. For the fact, one ounce of peanuts contains around 7 grams of proteins along with having 159 calories in total.

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